Deals Of The Day - Friday 1st June

The-Humble-Bundle-logo A couple of days ago, we brought you a LONG list of lovely, affordable games that you can bung up your computer’s hard drive with before you embark on a long period of hibernation. Today, we’ve got even more… and they’re even better!

Best of all, you can choose whatever you want to pay for them! Yes, it’s another ‘Humble Bundle’ – the fifth in the series. This time around, the games you can snap up on the cheap are Psychonauts, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP and LIMBO. As usual, you can choose your own price, but if you choose to pay more than the average price, you’ll get Bastion thrown in as well. You can even choose who the money goes to between the developers, charities and the Humble Bundle team themselves. It’s some kind of HIPPY GAMING DREAM!!!


•  Half price fuel on Jubilee Day!

• Kingston 8GB USB pen drive – only £3.98 delivered.

•  4200 XBox Live points for £24.49 and 2100 points for £12.25.

• What Hi Fi - three issues for £1 and get a free 1m QED Precision HDMI lead worth around £20.

•  Bench glasses £12.00 plus £3.99 delivery.

• Toshiba Z830-10U Ultrabook – only £549.99.

• Get 2 x £25 iTunes gift cards for £40.

•  Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tub - was £699.99, now only £280.49.

• Senna (single disc Blu-ray) – yours for only £6.99.

• Alien Anthology (Blu-ray) – just £8.95.

• PS3 160GB console with games and £10 voucher thrown in – yours for £199.99.

• DiRT Showdown Hoonigan Edition (PS3/Xbox 360) – only £24.99.

• Rayman Origins (PS3/Xbox 360) – only £9.99 delivered.

• Final Fantasy XIII-2 – yours for just £7.99 delivered.

All those and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...

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  • Mike H.
    Word up dogg! Shit bruv Andy, dat's sum crackin dealz yo gotta der homes. It's as though, some tight-fisted, balding little cunt with a fit wearther girl girlfriend has just 'sold out' and has dropped his shopping list! I'm sure he'll be taking his own advice and not pissing his new found wealth up the wall on drugs, booze, jetskis and trips to the fucking moon, instead saving, investing ensuring the best deal and generally being frugle with his dosh.

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