Deals Of The Day - Friday 17th February

111207114412-gta3-android-story-top Come with us as we attempt to lure you to the wrong side of the tracks, tempting you with an exhilarating life of crime, vice and wanton destruction. But you won’t have the cops knocking on your door and you can have a cup of tea with it.

We speak of course of the mighty Grand Theft Auto, in its recently-incarnated iPad incarnation. GTA III and GTA: ChinaTown Wars have both been converted to the Apple device that they’re all calling the ‘pleasure plate’, but for a limited time only, you can be playing them both after handing the late Steve Jobs the paltry sum of just 69p per game. Within minutes you’ll be behaving in a way that would send your poor parents to an early grave – just don’t try it in real life kids.


* Breville stainless steel jug kettle (red) – down from £59.99 to £17.99.

* Logitech X-530 PC 5.1 multimedia home theatre speaker system (70 watt) – yours for just £39.99.

* Borderlands: Game Of The Year Edition for the Xbox 360 – just £10.00.

* Sony Playstation Vita – only £196.98 @ Asda from 22nd February.

*  Half price or better offers from Tesco.

* PS3 320gb console with Final Fantasy XIII-2 or Batman Arkham City – £199.99 delivered.

* Toshiba Stor.E Canvio portable hard drive - 750GB, black USB 3.0 – just £64.99 (web only).

* Magicka @ Steam – only £1.99 (75% off)

* Mario Kart pack of 2 pyjama set – was £14.99, now only £6.99 delivered.

* Microsoft wireless mouse – two designs to choose from – only £4.99 each.


  • Dick
    One day, could you make sure that all the deals of the day could be used for murder weapons? Some of those are good attempts, but a pack of pittas from tesco is a bit lame. Thanks in advance.
  • Raggedy
    69p for a complete game? Good lord, that's two hours wages for Apple contractors in China!!

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