Deals Of The Day - Friday 13th January

224140726 Today’s deal sees a classic game character catapulted into the molten lava of 21st Century 3D technology. Not literally, that would be sick.

Yes, it’s Mario, once again in the gaming limelight with his Super Mario 3D Land effort for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s got all the characters that we’ve grown to know and love over the decades – Mario, Luigi, Little Mario, Little Marion, DJ Keith, Eddie Whiskers, Yomo, The Hapsburg Twins, Liz Lemon, PTF-5282-YG, Spume, Concord Goblimey and Dirty Diana. It’s all yours for just £22.99 at the moment. You’re welcome.


* Dell XPS 15 laptop - down from list price of £1,233 to just £699 with the help of some coupons.

*  A Humax Foxsat 320GB HD Freesat Digital TV Recorder – only £189.99.

*  Marble Race Deluxe - Large Construction Edition - less than half price at £14.32 delivered.

*  21.5” LG LED HDMI 1080p monitor – yours for just £98.99 delivered.

* A halogen oven (12L) with a 3-year warrranty - only £29.99.

*  Dead Space 1 & 2 combined for only £6.24 on Steam.

*  Salter electronic kitchen scale - only £13.29 delivered.

*  Extras: The Complete Collection – a Gervais-fest for only £6.99 delivered.

*  Free Ultimate Ears noise-isolating earphones with any purchase of £20+ from Logitech.

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