Deals Of The Day - Friday 11th November

9351275_500x500_1 We’re all fans of Lord Of The Rings, right? Who can resist the antics of Gandalf, Roy, Topper Headon, Mr Grimsdale, The Puke Monster, B-647G and Raging Angela? Yeah, too right.

Well now’s probably the time to invest in all of the LOTR films in pin-sharp picture quality on the globally-acclaimed Blu-ray format. Right now you can have them all in a six-disc box set for the Remembrance Day-friendly price of just £11.11. We suspect that this price will only be available for today though…


* An OCZ 120GB Vertex Plus SSD for only £99.99.

* Delivery from Republic for just one penny.

* Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 bundled with a £25 PSN Network card for just £40.

* A Gaggia Cubika Plus espresso machine – only £89.99.

* Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard, along with Ultimate Ears 100 earphones – all in for just £24.99.

Plenty more where that came from at HotUKDeals


  • Confused
    I miss True or False Friday. It was a real challenge for me.
  • Tim
    LOTR theatrical editions though, hence the cheap price as most value is in the extended set now.
  • Boris J.
    I gave them a beyond brilliant idea to make TrueFalse Friday more fun (and dangerous) but it got deleted by the stupid software and I could not be arsed putting it in again. Still the feral trolley is more feral than usual so we can all take pleasure in that eh?
  • Dick
    It's too feral to be true. In fact, it is just like looking at fake tits on the internet. Well, kind of.
  • Boris J.
    TRUE or FALSE : TRUE or FALSE Friday will return next Friday?
  • kv
    need to change the name to "deals of the morning", you're doing it that early that it barely includes any of the day

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