Deals Of The Day - Friday 11th May

Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 12.36.22 Summer’s coming and we want our windows to be nice and clean for when the sun gleams in through them. You remember the sun, right? But getting those windows cleaned by a professional can cost a lot of dough. Better off doing it yourself.

Fork out the relatively low sum of £37.09 and you’ll soon be the proud owner of the Kärcher WV 50 Window Cleaning Vacuum – with its ‘fast and efficient’ water-sucking methods, it’ll sort your windows out good and proper, leaving them streak-free and possibly putting your regular window cleaner out of business and accelerating his inevitable suicide. Sad, but there you go. Also, don’t use it for anything rude. Thanks.


• Join the official Rockstar Community and get a free copy of Midnight Club 2.

• Free HTC One X with 12-month Vodafone contract – only £36 a month.

• Company of Heroes (£1.39) and Company of Heroes Complete Pack (£5.39).

•  8 x 330ml cans of Coca Cola (various types) - only £2.00.

• Batman Arkham City (PC download) – only £7.98.

•  Kobo e-reader - yours for only £49.00.

• 250GB Xbox 360 console – only £149.95 (or £159.95 with 12 months XBox Live).

• Schwarzenegger Triple (Total Recall / Red Heat / Raw Deal) on Blu-ray – yours for just £6.95.

•  Snorkelling with sharks - for only £125.

• Adidas Originals Beckenbauer Allround trainers – was £60 now £29.99 + £3.95 p&p.

• Kingston 120GB V+200 SSD – only £79.99 delivered.

All those and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...

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    Yes but is it any good on leaded lits ?, will the wench still need her ladders and fox tail/ shammy ?

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