Deals for Valetine's Day

valetines Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and to save you from getting some clearly perished flowers from a petrol station on the way home, why not use your noggin and get some bargains from the internet?

Of course, with it being tomorrow, a lot of these deals will expire today, so you need to get on it, sharpish. Or not. You can be one of those people who loudly proclaims a hatred for Valentine's Day, like you invented the idea of loathing something popular. That's not annoying at all.

Anyway, here are some good deals which you can take advantage of, even if you're single. No-one is stopping you from getting drunk in a hotel room and horsing down handfuls of chocolate if you're terribly alone.


Want to buy someone some roses? There's a load of deals on our thorny pals if you want in. The best deal we've seen is Lidl, who are charging £3 for 12 red roses from today. Offers apply in-store, so get on it. Co-op meanwhile are flogging 12 Fairtrade 'sweetheart roses' for £5 and Morrisons and Aldi have a £5 deal too. It'll cost you £7 at Sainsbury's and Marks and Spencer and Asda have an offer on for £10. If you're lazy, Debenhams are selling a dozen red roses, couriered for around £20. That deal ends today.


LastMinute are doing deals on rooms, so if you want to lock the kids in the attic for a night while you go and get drunk and have sex* in a hotel room all by yourselves, then have a look at the Valentine's City Breaks deals. Click here to see the choices. (*actually fall asleep and have no sex at all because a rest from children is worth a million humps)


Let your partner buy some clothes from ASOS by getting money off clothes. There's a HUKD offer which you can redeem at and enter the checkout code "FINAL15". At Debenhams, there's money off necklaces and jewellery. One to keep an eye on is Jeff Banks' watches, with a tenner off. Boots have a Sanctuary Spa heart-shaped gift set. That retails for £45, but now going for £22. Limited stock though.


Champagne, prosecco and cava always gets reduced at this time of year, so now's a good time to get some in, even if you're only hanging on to it for yourself for future bouts of boozy fun. One decent deal is at Asda, who have Louvel Fontaine champagne for £10. Morrisons have Canti prosecco going for half price, yours for £5. At Lidl, for £13, you can get some Comte de Brismand champagne or at Aldi, there's the £13 Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut. Or you can buy your weight in Special Brew and do what you want.

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