Deal Klaxon: Get the divorce ball rolling for only £17...

juicy_yarn They’re a romantic bunch over at HotUKDeals and the ‘trending’ deal at the moment is for a ‘£17 Divorce’. Coming from a company called Quickie Divorce, you can get things going online for that price or, if you’re feeling flush, have all the divorce forms you’ll need to send to Court completed for you for just £67.

They say that over 15,000 people availed themselves of their services last year, and if you’re desperate to get unhitched on the cheap and are prepared to run the risk of getting stitched up by your ex’s actual, proper, real-life solicitor, then it could be the deal of a lifetime for you.

Come clean then dear readers/cheapskates. Have any of you used the Quickie Divorce service or a similar one? If so, how did it work out for you? Don’t be shy, you can remain anonymous if you like, or even pretend to be another well-known poster in our comments section.

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  • Seymour
    I find divorce a stressful event and leave it to my entourage of personal assistants to deal with. These days I don't really bother with wives, whores turn out cheaper.

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