Deal Klaxon! £20 of HMV stuff for £10

hmv2 Anyone fancy a free tenner to spend at HMV? That’s essentially what’s on offer with the latest deal from Living Social – you can buy £20 worth of vouchers for their online store for only £10.

A nice way of making that Christmas shopping fund go a little bit further. Although it might have to be Christmas 2012 – time is getting tight if you want anything delivered by this Christmas….


  • Paul
    You can get it for just a fiver if you are a new user and go through one of the links found on moneysavingexpert. Once you register they give you a fiver towards your next purchase. Plus you can sign up more than once and stack the vouchers on a single HMV account!
  • Steve O.
    Great deal. is pretty competitive on a lot of stuff anyway. Just spend it quickly before the company goes bust.
  • Dick
    I was thinking the same thing. If they are giving these away for a tenner or a fiver, then they are going to go belly up soon. Leaving loads of people with vouchers worth jack-shit. They obviously need cashflow now to do this.

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