Deal Attack: Go Go Hamsters - in stock now!

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  • The S.
    WTF are these about? Keep seeing deals for them...
  • Nobby
    They are cats toys. Although clever marketing and only sending out limited stocks at a time has made them a number one seller this Christmas for kids presents. Seriously, if your kid wants one, go to a pet shop and buy a wind up cats toy. Does the same thing, but cheaper and in stock.
  • PFC H.
    To Big Shef: To Nobby: You find me a wind up toy which talks, has multiple enviroment sensors, knows when there's another indentical toy near by and squeaks at it, can navigate it's way around a room or it's own accessories such as the funhouse. When you were a kid didn't you want the latest toy? Stop being such a grouch.
  • pauski
    @ PFC Hudson, Already got one of these - called my wife.
  • Me
    What does it say? 'Buy me'?
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian You probably don't know me Andy Dawson, but i would like to express my deepest appreciation for your post. I now will have a complete collection of "Go Go Hamsters". Although i bought them all myself, my mother will wrap them in Xmas coloured paper and place them beneath the Christmas tree ready for me to open on Xmas day :-)
  • Mittsy
    What? Aren't these those things that kill you with poison if you stand within 15 feet of them. I read it in a newspaper so it must be true.
  • Andy D.
    @Brian. Thank you. If my humble post has enhanced the Christmas of just one weird, overgrown child, then my work here is worthwhile. It more than makes up for all the other sorry shit I write.

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