Buy one underwhelming automobile, get one free!

I might buy a Goodfellas stonebaked pizza and expect to get one free. Multipacks of crisps, baby wipes, naan bread, chicken fillets, Pot Noodles, and so on - they're all good for the occasional BOGOF offer. Obviously nobody in their right mind would sell a brand new car and offer a second model for free, because that's just stupid. And not a good stupid either, but the very worst kind.

How could a BOGOF deal on new cars even begin to make sense to a dealership? Better ask the guys at Rob Lambdin's University Dodge in Florida; those crazy yanks love doing things bigger, if not strictly better:

If you're asking yourself what the catch is, take your pick; the small print has plenty to choose from:

Offers valid on the day of publication only.

It's a one day-only BOGOF offer, designed to get tongues wagging and phones ringing long after the offer has ended.

Must finance thru CFS with approved credit.

Maybe the dealership has missed six month's worth of news, but isn't the reason the whole world is screwed, is because Americans are defaulting on loans? If that's the case, offering low budget automobiles on finance won't help anybody. Unless that's the point, of course; nobody will actually qualify for credit, in which case we're back to a pointless offer to raise awareness.

Must present this ad upon arrival at University Dodge to receive advertised offers.

And even if you do remember to take the ad with you, there's every chance the salesman will look at you as if you've just bitch-slapped his mother.

Fair to say, then, that while nobody will have managed to wangle two cars for the price of one, everybody will be talking about the dealership. Whether they've anything good to say is another matter.



  • chrisg
    Of course, Broadspeed have been offering Kia cars in the UK BOGOF for a little while, too.
  • TeflonMan
    Interesting to see that our American cousins can offer a new PT Cruiser for under £ 8,000 (even taking the now not-quite-so-fabulous $ exchange rate into account). Makes you wonder just how much of a margin there must be left in all the unsold new vehicles on UK dealers' forecourts ...
  • chrisg
    That price will be without sales tax, and our price would have VAT at 17.5/15%* on top as well. There's also additional cost in creating right hand drive versions of American/European cars for the UK Domestic Market. Factor in all that, plus the slight currency advantage (even now) and you're about on par. *delete as applicable, depending on what Darling Brown comes out with this afternoon
    You did a good job.
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