Any other business? 9th October 2008

1. Be Careful Where you CLICK: Fake YouTube pages spread virus []

2. We told you the ice was melting yesterday. And here's why Iceland is Screwed: "The krona can't be traded at the moment because there are no more banks to clear the trade" No winter then? [Bloomberg]

3. Peter Joseph released The Zeitgeist: Addendum, a movie about money and debt, scarcity and resources. NOTE: 2 hours long. Summary Appreciated. [Google Video]

4. China rids of Chairman Mao: New banknotes with their shiny new Olympic stadium. Could this be the end of communism? "One world, our dream" [BBC]

5. Vince's HUKD Choice of The Day : 24" Dell HD Monitor £179.28 incl delivery. +Quido & 3 year Dell Warranty. Thanks, Orville! [HUKD]

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