AROOGA überhot deal siren - £15 iTunes card for a tenner

Bitterwallet - £15 iTunes card for £10If you're the type of person who buys dead tree to read their news, good news! If you're not, then there's no law stopping you buying a newspaper either. Good news for you, too! According to HotUKDeals member Happy Man, there's a voucher inside today's copy of The Times, Independent and Daily Star that lets you buy a £15 iTunes card from WH Smith for just a tenner.

If you don't already have one of the papers then obviously you'll have to buy one, so plump for the cheapest (The Star) and off you go. We haven't seen the voucher ourselves but the deal is getting a lot of heat on HUKD, so it's worth a gander for a cheap Christmas present.


  • Amanda H.
    Hmmm, pay for downloads? I'm intrigued.
  • Paddy
    Buy music when you can get it for free? Fuck that.
  • Lilly A.
    You're both going on the list...
  • Alex
    And just what list might that be, "Lilly"? Or should I say Lily as your name is correctly spelt? Bugger off, fraudster! Identity theft is just as big a crime.
    Alex... it was a joke you nob - admittedly he let himself down getting the name wrong, but even so. This is ok, but 2x£15 vouchers for £20 come up quite often at clintons/argos. i might pick up a paper though. BTW, heat on hotukdeals just means the middle aged single mothers have got too excited - sadly these days it doesn't mean a lot as far as deals are concerned.
  • Alex
    Thanks for pointing that out for me, captain obvious - I had absolutely no idea it was a sorry attempt at humor.... Quick, someone find a deal on fem-fresh, sounds like it's TVDBP's time of the month!
  • Lily A.
    As the real on I urge every one to download Free music as much as you like...
  • NME
    Are you guys happy now? She has decided to stop making music due to Piracy.
  • goon
    surely that will just encourage piracy if that is the outcome
  • Wolf78
    I knew a couple kids who were retrieved nightly by whistles. ,

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