Amazon has midnight promotion, gives away all its music

So there's no such thing as a free lunch. Unless by lunch, you mean MP3 downloads from Amazon. In which case, there is. Or was.

At the dead of midnight last night, HUKD member Dumpling decided to download some music from Amazon for her sister. She completed the transaction and noticed she hadn't been charged. So placed a second order, and that went through for free, too. After several users experimented, they deduced that Amazon was giving away £10 worth of free music with every order - so if the order was worth less than £10, it was free.

Soon HUKD users were buying up dozens of albums, receiving the order confirmation by emails and downloading them without consequence. Dumpling's post turned into a deal and soon everyone was at it.

But surely Amazon will come chasing people for their money? Um, no. Users were allowed to create new accounts with dummy details, and without having to specify a payment method. The "offer" only appeared to be UK specific, though that didn't stop one user in New Zealand creating a UK proxy and swiping eight albums.

Five hours later, it was all over. Amazon had seemingly been cleaned out of several thousand pounds worth of MP3s, and HUKD members dozed off in the twilight, satisfied at their lot in life.

Thanks to HUKD member Jah


  • Ian
    Are those files still illegal still? I don't know? Otherwise they might as well have just downloaded the albums elsewhere.
  • wombat
    @Ian: People might have broken the Amazon Ts&Cs in setting up 'dummy' accounts but I can't see how that would make the legitimately purchased downloads illegal ;-)
  • jah
    I can't see why they would be illegal - and I'd expect the artists will have to get their cut (at Amazon's expense). Its just another misprice/promotional error - but with the exception that they didn't have chance to backtrack and cancel orders like most other misprices!
  • Uncle T.
    Waste of time subscribing to the BW RS feed, why didn't you lot wake me up at 1am to get all these freebies?
  • Andy
    Makes more sense to get them from an honest illegal source such as TPB in the first place.
  • Dumpling
    Sorry Uncle Tom and all those who missed out. Was a fun night had by all. Big thanks to Amazon.
  • Jill
    Andy, no it doesn't as Amazon gives you legal downloads whereas TPB doesn't.
  • Lumoruk
    In this case I think it WOULD have been better as suggested to download from TPB or elsewhere, Amazon will have to pay all the artists loyalties. I'm sure you'll all stop gloating when Amazon go into administration.
  • Tizer
    Or go to bed at a reasonable time, wake up at 9 am after a good nights sleep and download the albums from 'elsewhere'... Why shop for albums at 1am!?
  • chrisg.
    You're all kidding yourself if you don't consider this theft. Double standards!
  • Francis R.
    Nothing's illegal until you're caught for it.
  • MinstrelMan
    you fuckin bunch of viking pillagers, you!
  • Nobby
    So what's the difference between a legal and an illegal copy?
  • The B.
    I was down the pub watching the rugby, and my poor head hurts today, but I missed all this free album business.
  • NigelG
    @Nobby - The cleanliness of your own conscience.
  • Matt B.
    Don't think I would have had the heart to do it. Poor old Amazon. What did they do to deserve pillaging?
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  • muppet
    this free download wasnt illegal at all. its a legitimate site there was no payment method whatsoever. it just would not let you pay amazon were contacted, they never got in touch to say 'please dont download the albums' it took them 9 hours i think? or 7 to rectify the problem. the artists will still get their cut from amazon, whereas TPB dont pay out. thats illegal. when you went to purchase the album, all you see is 9.99 has been deducted as a gift voucher from amazon. so maybe they might have held a legitimate midnight promo? dont justify your illegal pirate bay downloads by saying we who downloaded from amazon are the same. its totally different :-)

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