A Bitter Bet: COMPLETE James Bond DVD Collection Box Set for £9.99??

As Bond said in Casino Royale, "I understand double 0s have a very short life expectancy... so your mistake will be short-lived."

So when the RRP of a James Bond DVD set normally at £159.99 appeared on HUKD for pre-order on Play.Com for a measely £9.99 , it has set off plenty HUKDers' hearts racing for their credit card numbers towards a mistake worth repeating.

The James Bond Collection Set includes 21 DVDs, and apparently FREE delivery. It is up for pre-order, to be delivered from the 20th of October. New HUKDer dunkerleyp posted this deal on HUKD 4 hours ago, now with over 580 comments and rising at the rate of 1 new comment a minute.

But the big question is, could this be a misprice? And if it was a misprice, would Play honour it? What are the chances that you will actually get the item?

So we decide to hedge some bets to see what you think...

As a final note, HUKDer ZeroHour2 wrote an interesting reply worth reading:

"this misprice was due to a mixup with the barcode number, it was given the same number as a 3 dvd western movie boxset which was previously deleted. A lot of websites had this listed at between 10 and 15 pounds for preorder a month or two ago when it was first announced (as its yet another repackaging of the bond movies for xmas) the 9.99 was the correct price for the Western boxset on play."

Holy smokes. You certainly know your James Bond, my friend.



  • DB
    Of course its a misprice! If this gets honoured I will eat my hat.
  • Paul N.
    Haha 32 votes saying misprice :D 3 people holding out for a couple lucky buggers getting one...
  • Netizen
    I don't believe online mispricings will ever be honoured again. It was news several years ago when online shopping was a strange and new thing, when a retailer could be guaranteed of column inches if they let customers have stuff at stupid prices.
  • Paul N.
    Yeah they are getting less common although some misprices still get honoured. The key is they have to be close to ship date - a pre-order doesn't have much chance of working.
  • Anon
    Sorry, but I don't get the point of this article at all? Why just repeat something already on Hot uk deals??? boring.
  • Anon
    Plus - do you have copyright to the above image that you have used?????
  • Paul N.
    Cancelled. Hive mind wins at 74 votes ;)
  • Vince W.
    I got the cancellation email. But I still vote for DVDs arriving. Miracles happen, right?
  • HotUKDeals B.
    [...] BIG news today is that you can get a complete James Bond DVD box set for just £9.99. What’s that? Offer expired? Giant cock-up at play.com? Oh. Here’s some other bargains then [...]
  • pedobear
    @ Anon, so google searchers can read more and answer the poll!?
  • Steve M.
    There are leagal implications with providing a price for goods. And play.com have stepped the line by attracting intrest in there bussiness with silly pricing. And if they have made a sale by mistake then it is there mistake.
  • Alwx
    I checked the t+c on play webbie to see if i could find a loop hole and still get my dvd, but they got themselves covered...says there that if there is a misprice they will return any payment and will offer you product at normal price
  • Pricing B.
    [...] of mistaken prices, particularly “boxed sets” of things. For example, we reported on a James Bond DVD collection for £9.99, but our readers also pointed out a Blu-ray set of Kill Bill 1 and 2, along with Sin [...]
  • Erik S.
    hmm, that seems to be true. I will come back tomorrow and extend my comment. Hope it will help.

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