7 Valentine's Day deals on meals for a cheap, romantic nosh

Crapola, it's Valentine's Day on Sunday. Can't cook, won't cook? Not to worry. Simply fake your own death, or take a leaf out the Hot UK Deals book of bargains:

There's the classy option of the two of you dining at Wetherspoon's for £14.99. You can tuck into two steaks and a bottle of wine - a choice of the 8oz sirloin, 8oz rump or BBQ chicken melt with a bottle of Hardys. Smashing. Alternatively, head down the street for a 3 course meal at Slug and Lettuce for £12 per person. (found by ianshona and jasper 79)

Bitterwallet - Pizza ExpressThe alternative is a proper restaurant. Pizza Express have a voucher for 3 courses for £15 each between now and Sunday, but that doesn't include drinks. Or you can book a table at ASK where it's £16.95 each for 3 courses, except they'll chuck in a couple of glasses of bubbly for free. (found by missglitter1981 and jasper79)

Then again, why bother leaving the house? Sort out your Valentine's Day meal in your own kitchen, then you can get down to the yankee doodle straight away, eh? Not that you want to cook anything, obviously - that's why supermarkets created meals for two. Yes it is.

Yeterday's Deals of the Day featured Morrison's Chinese meal for 2 for just £3, but if your colours are firmly nailed to the mast of the good ship ASDA, there's an Italian meal for 2 for just £7, available in-store and online. (found by ianshona and babyx1uk3)

Want to celebrate the big day with Marks & Spencer? . The two of you can dine for £20 with M&S - that'll include a starter, a main course, a side dish, a dessert for two and either a single stem rose or a box of chocs. (found by mr-p3sky)

Bon appétit, lovebirds!


  • Nobby
    > The two of you can dine in for £20 at M&S I feel I should point out that you don't actually dine in at M&S. You have to take the food home, or at least out of the store, before you try to heat it up and eat it. That's what I found out last time they did the promotion. They don't care if you take your own camping gas stove, you cannot dine in instore.
  • delrio
    we've done their dine for two stuff before, the amount of food probably would have fed all four of us there was tonnes and yes nobby is right, the 'dine in' means at home not in store
  • andy y.
    M&S dine in the right value choice vis a restaurant dinner. But you won't get a shag out of it.
  • Paul S.
    Thank you chaps, amended.
  • Lorine R.
    Your header is kinda wonky in Safari, buddy ;)
  • barnaleikir
    hey this is really great :) i like this one im gonna save it thanksss :)

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