50% off fine dining at The Living Room

What better way to start 2009 than going to some decadent restaurant and stuffing yourself sick like the fat, oily pig you secretly are? You can't live on selection boxes forever, after all. So hurrah for the latest offer from The Living Room, a rather fancy chain of 15 bars and restaurants across the country.

A voucher has just plopped into inboxes across the land which gives 50% off the a la carte menu. There are some restrictions in place on Fridays and Saturdays, and the offer doesn't begin until 5th January. Right click to save the image below, print it out and fill it in, or visit The Living Room's website.


  • Anon
    Could I take 2 vouchers and get 100% percent off? ;-)
  • Paul S.
    Maybe if you took four, they'd give you the full price of the meal in cash?
  • Darren
    Living room do a great bacon and egg burger.... but the place is so pretentious that they would probably shout something like "...Table 1 wants his 50% discount!!" and have every other WAG and CELEB wannabe mutter under there breathe, at least thats what the one on Deansgate manchester would be!
  • chrisg
    Seconded on the Bacon and Egg Burger -- sublime.
  • Bob
    Ah, the Living Room, I didn't even know they were still going, is it still the height of sophistication for chavs?
  • Darren
    Bob, Yes it is, maybe a name change from Living room to Chav Rooms..

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