HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 10th June

Here we go again, with the best bargains from the last 24 hours of fevered activity from the hallowed forums at HotUKDeals.

Today there’s chocolate, cocktails and cheap car parking. If at least one of those doesn’t arouse you, then you’re probably a diabetic, languishing in a maximum security prison. Sorry.

This writer absolutely loves the Peanut Kit Kat Chunky bar. It’s possibly only rivalled by the Wispa as the greatest new chocolate bar of the past quarter of a century. It’s fair to say that if Heston Blumenthal were to lay one out on a plate with a piece of Blu-Tack stuck on the top, I’d gladly lash out £45 for the privilege.

But I’m an idiot and you’re not. That’s why you’ll probably be more interested in getting a 5-pack of these magnificent beauties for only 50p. Yes that’s 10p a bar. It’s like 1976 again! P.S. – the word over at HUKD is that Wispa Gold bars are coming back soon. Orgasms!

Back when we were all younger and dafter, if someone had asked you how much a cocktail shaker cost, you’d probably have answered, “Er, about £500?” believing that ownership of one also involved the passing of lots of complex cocktail exams first.

That might even have been right back then, but it’s a nonsense now. A fully-operational cocktail shaker (and all its inherent sophistifuckingcation) can be yours for just one pound. That’s right – a humble quid. Lord, we’re all middle class now!

Finally, a bargain that will cause millions of angry car parkers to dance around their car keys in an idiotic jig of glee. Gone (for a while at least) are the days of paying a foul amount of moolah for long-stay car parking.

Over the summer, at Stansted, there are 300 spaces to pre-book every day at just £1.99 per day. Spaces are limited and bookings must be made by 22nd June, so get your arse into gear and make that booking NOW!

(deals found by Wallsall115, jackbremer and Newbold)

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  • Francis R.
    Hang on there Dawson, what about the, now defunkt, Maverick bar that was, what can only be described as confectioncaust, stripped from the shelves, why why WHY!!!?!?!?! I believe the removal of the Maverick bar from the shelves was a catalyst for the economic puddle of piss we're in.

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