What your credit card number means

The more savvy of our avid readers will know a little about credit card numbers - the difference between a VISA card number and that of Mastercard, for example - but what about the rest? Mint.com has this guide to your credit card number, and how those of you who have an afternoon to kill can validate your own cards. It's all to do with Luhn numbers, see. The hours will fly by:




  • Paul D.
    I've done three of my cards, and they all come to 70. I like this...not a lot, but I like it. I'm off to impress Debbie ..... with the size of my cock, not this trick.
  • Debbie
    @Paul: I'm anything but impressed.
  • Paul D.
    @Debbie You fucking mangy dried up bitch. I'm going to saw you in half tonight.
  • Paul D.
    With my cock. If I can get it hard again.
  • Ten B.
    [...] your credit card number [...]

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