Three hot credit card perks

Credit cards are part of what got the world into this economic mess. But if you're willing to game the system a little, you can score some free swag by opening a new credit card account.

According to MoneySavingExpert, if you have the discipline to stick to the terms and conditions, you can get a card, take advantage of the extra goodies, pay off the bill in full, then cancel the card. You should also only spend the minimum required to get the extras. That way you'll be more likely to pay it off quickly.

So, with no further preliminaries, here are three interesting credit card deals that are hot right now:

1. The credit card. Self-described as "the most entertaining card on the web," the card offers you 0% interest on card purchases for nine months from the day your account is opened, and 0% on balance transfers made within 90 days of card activation. If you spend £150 on purchases within 90 days of your account opening, you get 1500 bonus PlayPoints that you can spend on If you decide to stick with the card beyond the 90 day bonus period, you'll earn PlayPoints that are redeemable for gift vouchers every time you use your card. The typical APR is 15.9%.

2. The easyJet MasterCard. They have an introductory offer where you spend £250 within the first 90 days of your account opening and get 4,000 easyJet Miles. These are redeemable for easyJet flights of up to £40, including taxes. If you keep your easyJet MasterCard beyond the introductory bonus period, you'll get 1 easyJet mile for every £1 you spend in the UK, 2 easyJet miles for every £1 you spend in other countries, and 3 easyJet miles for every £1 spent on an easyJet flight. Typical APR with the easyJet MasterCard is 16.9%.

3. The Barclaycard Goldfish Credit Card. When you spend £100 per month for three months from the time your account opens, you'll receive £30 in extra reward points redeemable at popular high street stores. You'll pay (typically) 9.9% interest on every purchase and balance transfer you make. Beyond the introductory period, you'll earn 1 point for every £1 you spend, with no limit.

There are comparatively good credit card offers out there that you can take full advantage of if you spend what is required, collect your points or miles, and then either pay off your balance every month or cancel your card.



  • zeddy
    The Tesco card is also good at the moment: Pay 0% interest on ALL purchases for 12 months from account opening Pay 0% on balance transfers for 6 months from account opening (2% fee on all balances transferred in the first 4 months) Plus they have improved Clubcard points too.
  • Inactive
    Easyjet forget to tell you that they charge £4.50 per booking for using any credit card, including their own I believe.
  • Mark
    I use my egg card for almost all my transactions, pay it off monthly, then every year i get my £200 cashback for free.
  • Graham
    Are there any cashback/big incentive cards available with at least 3 months 0% purchases? Except the one mentioned of course but I could just go through quidco for a £20 signup on a card.
  • Duchy
    The easyJet card booking fee comes off of your mileage total. Most airlines are charging or will be charging this fee. I've used this creditcard for around the last year and have managed to get 3 return flights for free using my mileage. It's great :) Just pay it off in full though because 16.9% APR is fairly high!
  • well w.
    i have a amex American express card which gives I think 5% cashback.....Only one problem one accepts them (that I use anyway).

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