The fightback against junk mail gets weirder...

You probably just throw away those pre-paid envelopes that come with credit card offers don't you? You don't actually HAVE to though. You could use them to send something to the credit card company that highlights your displeasure if you want to. Although we don't recommend it because it's a bit mean. As well as a bit fun...


[Blame It On The Voices]


  • MarkGrld
    If an item is delivered through Royal Mail with incorrect postage the recipient is charged an extra £1 fee on top of the extra postage charge
  • Jim
    I do something similar. I save up all the junk mail I receive. I then stuff the pre-paid envelopes with the junk mail from other companies and send it on to them. Me 1-0 World.
  • Brad
    Theres always someone will go to far and post shit............
  • piggy
    Brad, where's far and why would you want to post shit from it?
  • Yue
    What does he mean 'you people'?
  • Jonny
    If there pre paid envelopes are heavy do they get charged more?
  • doggy d.
    Do you think MBNA will get the message if I post them my dogs nightly deliverable.

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