Credit cards that display how screwed you are - the future!

For everybody who is truly dreadful at managing cash, this would be ideal. This live checking card would use e-ink technology to display the accumulated spending amount on your credit or debit card after every purchase, and reconcile bank transactions using a RFID chip. It's still a concept design, so will it ever happen? Christ knows. Jetpacks and flying cars first, lads.

Bitterwallet - live checking card



  • Amanda H.
    Looks good, but there aren't enough digits for my account.
  • init
    yeah large debts can be a problem
  • Ricky B.
    A Flawed Design.
  • K G.
    Would a credit card company want to design such a card? I would say it would depend .... would it make a person more comfortable with spending, or make a person less comfortable running up debt?
  • Chris S.
    I suppose you could use it to pick up chicks, cause everyone knows the best way to a girls heart is cold hard cash.
  • Jack
    Looks pretty cool, I'd have one
  • Nobby
    I think credit card companies would design something like this - but for a different reason. Instead of showing the debt you have, they would show how much credit you have access to. That way they would make people think that they have another £7,500 to spend, rather than they already owe £2,500.
  • dougie
    Imagine the scene: You're being mugged, you hand over your wallet. They take out your credit card and see you're in serious trouble. They give you a fiver and send you on your way...

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