Commercial Break: A hot writhing man, a couple of superheroes and a solution to the credit blues

No one knows what kind of shape the advertising business will be in a decade from now, what with global financial meltdown and global proliferation of online entertainment and all that.

Maybe ads will become simpler, with high creativity covering up low budgets. Hopefully, we’ll see more locally-produced commercials, like this, the type of thing that is still a regular sight on screens in the States.

If he’s so hot, why is he writhing around in the hot sand with all his clothes on? And why is his pressing need for someone to flog him an air conditioner on credit? He’s on a beach – where is he supposed to plug it in?

Thank God for the arrival of the Superman rejects, who simply erase his brain, stun him then fly him to somewhere cold instead. Give him a couple of minutes and he’ll be begging them for a three-bar electric fire.

More similar Schweig Engel madness follows....


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