Child maintenance dodgers could be declined credit

child saving money Parents who neglect their child maintenance payments may end up being turned down for mortgages, credit cards and loans under new government plans.

The government wants to be able to share information with credit agencies, which will then be used by banks as back-up to determine whether they offer cash to the customer.

If that sounds a bit hardcore, even a missed or late payment on a mobile phone bill can be enough to cause somebody to be declined credit.

Child maintenance minister Steve Webb said: “For too long, a minority of absent parents have got away with failing to pay maintenance, leaving families without that financial support,”

Naturally the government being the government, they expect this move will also act as a deterrent to others from stopping child maintenance payments in the future.

“I would hope that we see this power used very little, because the deterrent effect of a possible negative mark on a person’s credit rating will convince those who have previously failed to pay towards their children’s upbringing to do the right thing.”

The record of a missed payment won't appear on a credit record until a liability order is made against them.


  • FooFan73
    Will it be the typical one way reporting the utility companies use? More than happy to report a missed payment and bugger up a person's credit rating but not reporting monthly when the person IS paying so as to enable them to build/repair their credit rating?
  • Mad B.
    It will be worse, it will be "ignore the dad, but believe every tall story the mum makes up". I had 20 years worth of grief from my ex using this tactic, including an attempted re-run of trying to get directly at my wages without telling me - FIFTEEN YEARS after they lost the case in court. My advice to anyone dealing with the CSA or any replacement child support agency is to keep all the paperwork - FOREVER!! CSA were insistent I owed them many thousands of pounds, and only backed down when I started quoting page reference numbers from the 1998 court case at them.
  • Froadel
    That is great advice Mad from Barking, csa have already proven themselves to be as wicked as my x tbh. Keeping all history from csa is a must! They are devious liars who would be happy to see fathers working just to pay for a broken relationship in which a scorn woman uses a poor child as continuous tool to get at their x meanwhile affecting their own flesh and blood. The csa needs re-inventing if you ask me, the whole setup stinks

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