Brigadiers need credit cards too you know...

They’re a thorough bunch at the Co-operative Bank. If you want to apply for one of their credit cards, you have to be a member of the Co-operative itself, and that’s not a stroll in the park by anyone’s standards.

For example, here’s the drop down menu you are faced with on the membership application screen when it's time to input your personal title. Countess? Prebendary? Very Reverend? Prebendary??

No sign of Big Chief, Her Majesty or Inmate Number there though. Disappointing.



  • james m.
    prebendary is of course a young priest who has yet to bugger a small child. What do you give the peadophile who has everything ? A bigger parish.
  • Mark M.
    Can't see Darth mentioned there - obvioussly the Sith have shit credit ratings
  • Adam
    Probably cos that was kinda his first name not his title. He was Lord (Darth) Vader wasn't he?
  • Nobby
    Loads of places used to do this. I applied for a credit card through Lloyds about five years ago with Squadron Leader as my title and got it. No checks whatsoever. Be wary though, if you chose Right Honourable, they will think you are a lying political scumbag and deny your application.
  • Mark M.
    @ Paul: Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, Dath Maul. It'd be a big coincidence if they all had the same name e.g. Dave Vader, Dave Maul & Dave Sidious. Plus it would be really confusing too, especially in the pub when its time to get a round in
  • Gus
    What do you give the peadophile who has everything ? You call him king of pop ;)
  • Duaine D.
    Not sure Jonathan King is worthy of that title
  • Andre
    Darth Nihilus, Darth Traya, Darth Sion...again would be strange if it was a coincidence... "Darth is the traditional title of a Sith Lord or Master, the first part of the new name they take on. It was once believed to be a condensed version of 'Dark Lord of the Sith', and thus the reason for the title." "However, it should be noted that Darth is not given to all Sith. Many important Sith, such as Lumiya and Exar Kun, did not take the title of Darth. In addition, Sith Lords in the Old Sith Empire before the Great Hyperspace War did not hold the title of Darth.[2]"
  • Paul S.
    [holds head in hands]
  • pauski
    I don't see Jedi - how weak. I seem to remember in the last national Census, Many people opted for it. The force is not strong here.
  • Ryan
    I actually have a friend who got Brigadier on his card when he ordered it. Nobody checked so I imagine you can have any of the above titles!

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