Zune killed off by Microsoft

microsoft-logo-retro You thought Microsoft had quietly taken Zune out the back a killed it ages ago didn't you? Well, not the case because they've just announced (to the 6 people that were using it) that they're pulling the plug on their music service on November 15th. We're setting up a helpline and will be holding a memorial in due time.

So, if you are using Zune, start saying your goodbyes, as Microsoft have said that you won't be able to stream or download anything from it after that date, and, gallingly, anything you bought with DRM won't play if the license can't be renewed.

And people wonder why so many people illegally download music.

That said, your Zune device, and all the MP3s you have, will work as normal, so that's something at least, eh? There's more - Zune Music Pass subscribers will be migrated over to Microsoft 's new Groove service, which works with Windows 10, Xbox One, Android and iOS. Concerning the latter, we'd be very surprised if any Apple Fanboys are prepared to use a Microsoft music product on their devices.

If you're on a monthly Zune pass, then your account will switch to a Groove Music Pass, which will cost you £8.99 per month, or £89 if you're buying an annual pass.


  • fairynuff
    Apple fanboy here. My iTunes account has been terminally f'ed up for ages. To the point that I shall now use anything but. And yes I'm looking at you, Google Play. So if ZuneGroove works better than iTunes, I'll use it. Oh yes.
  • Father J.
    Who exactly are the mongs who use these legal downloading services anyway?? Probably the same fuckwits who voted tory at the last election.

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