XKCD explains the music pirating catch-22

It's tough being a consumer when the corporate world seems dead set on making you a criminal. The continual attempts at DRM and the subsequent debacle when they shut down the DRM authentication servers (Walmart, MSN, Yahoo!) doesn't make it easy to be an honest, law-abiding, royalty paying music lover. To pirate or to purchase - in the end you'll probably still be a criminal.

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  • David P.
    I recently downloaded a DRM-free track from 7digital.com It was a 192kbps MP3 track and cost 79p, the same as iTunes would normally charge me but is better quality and is mine for life :-) P.S I promise I don't work for 7digital.com!
  • Mike S.
    Emusic (subscription based form about £6 a month) have always been DRM free and I've been a subscriber for years. 7Digital are now DRM free and bands like Nine Inche Nals , Charlatans etc have made their recent albums available as Free downloads You can alway buy the CD and rip and then you'll have that for ever (unless its a Sony BMG with Copy Protection) Also you have http://www.we7.com/ who stream , download music supported by ads. There is no Catch 22 , but DRM shows the record companies up for the greedy pigs that they are Artists need to be paid or music will die Use Emusic / 7 Digital / WE7 or buy the CD And remember the cost of a CD is about 1.5 hours minimum wage work In 1975 the cost of an album was the same as a weeks job seekers allowance (£3.25) these days its £60 so thank god music hasnt kept pace with inflation.
  • Sushanth S.
    Its not just about DRM, when you sign-up for such services as Apple, Amazon, etc. You dont own the music track even after you buy it. The moment you end the service due to expiry or your death you forfeit the claim over downloaded music, books, app. If you or someone else uses it they are deemed pirate. DRM may be a dead duck to fool users that their rights are safe but corporate m*****-f****rs are just there to rip you off your money and make you a criminal...

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