Would you want your pizza delivered by a drone?

5 June 2013

Pizza company, Domino's, has released some footage which shows someone delivering a pizza with a remote-controlled drone, which is surely preferable to the sulky youths that turn up at everyone's doors currently?

In the video shows the dreadfully named "DomiCopter" and it flies over fields and rivers carrying the greasy carbfestival in its robotic grip.

The company claims its "latest delivery innovation" will "take deliveries to new heights".

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  • Dr w.
    rather that than the greasy shite log who knocks my door usually
  • The M.
    This will lead into a whole new world of theft as people fire mad max 2 type crossbows with rope attached at passing "DomiCopters" to steal the delicious cheesyshit pizzas. And how long before the first youtube footage appears of someone sunbathing and getting an accidentally dropped piping hot cheesebastard pizza on there face/tits/arse.
  • Dick
    I'd grab the domicopter too. That has to be worth the price of a pizza.
  • Finbarr
    Can we call it a Domichopper please? More fnarr, fnarr.
  • JLR
    I also anxiously await the first injury by falling pizzas and 2 liter bottles.

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