Why did Robert Dyas make this strange Christmas advert?

Robert Dyas, a hardware shop no-one had heard of until this weekend, have made themselves a Christmas advert that has flummoxed everyone on social media.

If you've seen the clip, you will have met Marcus who works at one of the shops. He says: "My name's Marcus, I work at Robert Dyas and I'm gay. I like going out with my friends and playing volleyball. I also like showing our gay and straight customers our funky range of Christmas gifts."

And on the advert goes, with a variety of people introducing themselves, displaying various tools (no, not like that) and saying what their sexuality is. If you haven't seen the commercial, have a look here.

Now, you might be thinking 'what in the blazes is going on here?!', but don't worry - we have the answer.

While the advert looks confusing, and cheap, don't fret - it was all intentional. The commercial was having a bit of fun, inspired by the hilarious Red Hill advert, which featured staff saying: "I'm Richard, aka Big Head. I work at the Red House and I'm black. I like pumping iron – and pumping furniture into people’s homes."

There's a brilliant bit in the Red House ad, which sees one lady informing us that she's a black woman, and Big Head skidding across a couch while saying "Look at the sofa! It’s perfect for a black person... or a white person!"

Robert Dyas thought they'd pay a loving tribute to the marvellous Red House advert, but fell a little short because, patting an inflatable Minion isn't nearly as effective as the earwormy jingle that sings: "At the Red House - where black people and white people buy furniture".

Sorry if that is stuck in your head all day.

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