Who wants a pair of regenerating 3D printed vomit trainers that never wear out?

Protocell-trainer You've probably been buying trainers that look nice like a massive loser. What you should be aiming for is a trainer that has an surface-adapting trainer that you can make on a 3D printer, that looks like someone puked on your feet, that is made up of synthetic primitive cells that regenerate overnight, so you can wear them forever and ever.

A British designer called Shamees Aden came up with the idea, but sadly for you, these may not be properly developed enough for you to buy for another 40 years.

These conceptual sneakers are designed to be a second skin and can self-heal like the baddie in Terminator 2. Even more pleasant is that the trainers will have to be stored in a Futurama science jar so they can maintain their biological properties.

Aden said: "Protocells is a form of synthetic biology that blurs the gap between the non-living and living. They are life-like and not living. The amoeba surface-adapting trainer is a tangible product concept that seeks to probe the future of new materials, based on the advantages of science and particulate the science of protocells."

Aden told Dezeen magazine: "The cells have the capability to inflate and deflate and to respond to pressure. The effect to the athlete is that the protocell synchronises to the individual's foot because this living technology is responsive and reconfigurable, adapting in real-time to the current activity of the runner by adding extra support in high impact areas."

"You would take the trainers home and you would have to care for it as if it was a plant, making sure it has the natural resources needed to rejuvenate the cells."

If you can regenerate your shoes, it'll certainly save you a lot of money, but do you want to walk around like feet are vomiting themselves inside out?


  • fuqstix
    'What you should be aiming for is a trainer that has an surface-adapting trainer that you can make on a 3D printer, ' Was this translated from engrish?
  • br04dyz
    do these infringe on Flint Lockwoods Spray-on Shoes patent?

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