Who fancies a jar of 'bumgravy'?

We're all up for puerile behaviour at Bitterwallet (there's still nothing funnier than a vicious, wet-sounding fart), and so, to a fella called Seamas O'Reilly who has been having some fun with the people at Selfridges, and their service where you can have 'anything' printed on a jar of Nutella.

O’Reilly has spent a couple of weeks persuading Selfridges to print all manner of things on personalised Nutella jars. Here's a lovely one that says 'bumgravy' on it.


He's done a few of these, including 'backdirt', which is rather mild. He then convinced staff to print him out 'arsemuck'. When asked about the latter: "I convinced them it was an Irish name, for Arsenio or Arsene’."

Seamas is quite the prankster, filling up the Metro with fake rush hour crushes, which you can see on his site, here.

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