When fortune cookies go daft

Imagine going for a Chinese meal and out come the fortune cookies. You crack it open and wonder what brilliant words of Eastern wisdom you're going to get. 'True love hides beneath the fig tree' or maybe 'The leaves may fall from the branches but at least you can see more of the sky'. Instead, you get a 404 message:
404 cookie

Of course, this could be some post-modern fortune cookie, but even so, it's worth sharing with you lot... even though you're the most warty, cynical twats whoever roamed the internet.

Spotted by religiously avid Bitterwallet reader, Clare


  • Nobby
    That is about as funny as a T-shirt with "There is no place like"
  • shinkyshonky
    heres yer fortune...your fucked!
  • lidds
    or as funny as you nobby you boring fart
  • Pete
    Well, i'm going to get Nobby's back here. He's the only one of you that can use punctuation! As for you shinky, what exactly is a "fucked", and how can one own it? Or perhaps you meant "you're"? Who am I to say? I can't possible delve into the inner workings of the mentally challenged, I just haven't had the training. Plus, I actually thought his comment was quite funny!
  • gavin
    i'm just gonna leave this here: http://www.afunnystuff.com/forumpics/arguing.jpg
  • Pete
    Gav, you're as much of a grammar Nazi as I am! Also, I was merely defending poor Nobby, after the awesomely constructed, and expertly implemented attack from the gentlemen above. Perhaps I have too much faith in hoping they understand sarcasm..?
  • Paul S.
    Reminds me of a fortune cookie I opened a few years ago saying "Help, I'm trapped in a fortune cookie factory".
  • zeddy
    Fuck off, Mof. I don't have any warts. The missus says the herpes I gave her cleared up as well.
  • JGN
    I think you mean "can't possibly delve", not "can't possible delve". Something about kettles and black pots?
  • Anyone C.
    [...] When fortune cookies go daft | BitterWallet [...]
  • Richard
    I once saw one which said "Your next fortune will be better than this one". I should've kept it...
  • i s.

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