Wet dog? Stick it in a bag!

Dog owners - you know what it can be like? Your pooch has been rolling around in chicken carcasses and various kinds of faecal matter all day and you want to get it into the car without dry-heaving your pelvis up through your tearducts. Mercifully, there's a solution for you! Why not spend five hours wrestling a stinking hound into a sack?

dog bag

This highly impractical item is, according to the blurb, great for preventing "dirty paw marks in your home and car" and absolutely "practical for home,car,town,country and seaside," provided of course, your dog is able to stay perfectly still while you force it arse first into a sack.

Better yet, the Dry Dog Bag is made from "best quality absorbent towelling material" which ensures that all those repulsive odours will really soak into the material while you speed home, honking your guts up out of the sunroof while careering toward an unmarked crossroad at 100mph.

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  • Mike H.
    So, If I chuck some puppies in the canal using this, will it still drown them?
  • klingelton
    swab a dog!
  • Dick
    Do they do an OAP version, preferably in tartan?

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