Wear a crying Kim Kardashian on your knuckles

All hail the crying Kim Kardashian ring- officially the finest piece of precious jewellery in the world. Made by New York based Harts and Stars, this plastic charm is sold on Etsy for a whopping £9.52 and we think it would make a sparkling addition to anybody's jewellery box.

crying kim kardashian

For those of you who are too busy living useful lives to keep up with the Kardashians, it's perfect because this pneumatic, over privileged mega-nobody is always blubbing about something - like she's run out of gold oven chips, or Kanye didn't call because he's biffing a dancer, or her false eyelash has fallen into her glass of Cristal etc. etc.

So if you ever feel like you just can't go on - or maybe you have a piffling first world diva problem - wear a tearful Kim on your finger and feel her 'pain'.

Or you could simply make a fist and smash it repeatedly off the nearest hard surface.

As spotted by @RoxanneLaWin


  • shiftynifty
    W.T.F. and this is news why?...Lucy please stop scraping the barrel.....Or did you purchase one...and your not happy with it...
  • Alexis
    Do you seriously come on here for news? It's meant to be entertainment. Try visiting CNN.com instead
  • duck
    This'll just end up discarded in the same draw as my Jade Goody butt plug and my curiously stained Jim'all fix it badge.
  • shiftynifty
    Alexis....if your coming here for entertainment...then you do really need to get out more....much more
  • Lucy's t.
    So much anger Lucy, but so little journalistic talent...
  • Wahmbulance
    Haters gonna hate
  • jada
    bless whoevers sole for making this wonderful ring

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