'We left your Amazon package in a safe place' they said...

Getting a parcel delivered when you're out isn't so bad because you can breathe easy knowing that the postman will leave a red 'you were out' card, or leave it in a safe place for you to find.

One delivery person found a novel solution to this problem.


  • Liam
    It's a doorstep!
  • MentaL
    What package?
  • denise h.
    they left a Tefal Actifry (£159) in it's original box, with no external wrapping so everyone could see what it was, on my doorstep in a terraced street
  • Captain C.
    Thats an awfully small box for Amazon, it took me ages to spot it. 1x MicroSD cards perhaps??
  • Oh N.
    Yodel delivered my package to a house address at the end of teh street and claim that it was delivered to a delivery point as defined by their terms of service. WTF how can an address at the other end of the street some 800 yards be a valid delivery point, especially when the occupants are not known to anyone. They even left it on the doorstep too. What tossers!
  • blighty
    Tracking parcel left on porch I don't have a porch !!
  • Nim
    Hermes left a £400 netbook on my doorstep without a signature. Idiots.
  • StuPid
    Royal Mail put two parcels in my bin the other day, and we had a Dyson vacuum left out in the rain recently too - out of sight of the road, but also out of sight of us too.
  • El D.
    If you don't want 'Royal Mail' to leave parcels with neighbors or elsewhere on your property, tell them so and order one of their return undelivered items back to delivery office stickers.
  • Sam
    Home delivery network left our brand new 3ds in its cardboard box in the cardboard recycling box on recycling day. How stupid can you get???
  • Juan K.
    UKMail failed to show with a parcel, but their tracking site said a card was left at a white door. I got no card, and my door's blue. 3 weeks later and they won't admit they've lost it so my supplier will resend the item.
  • Nick S.
    I had Xmas presents left in the same way as that picture (I'm in Essex) but the door mat had gaps so boxes got sodden in the rain. Complaint to amazon and money back. YODEL are the drizzling shits
  • gopro
    just like blighty further up we had tracking say a parcel was left in the porch, we have a gateless driveway leading directly to the front door.. Yodel truly are abysmal, Amazon should cut ties.
  • carl
    Yodel left a card saying that a parcel had been delivered to our.shed. They had climbed over a locked gate into the back garden and broken the (flimsy) lock on the shed and put the Parcel in it. Unbelievable.
  • Mr M.
    yodel shagged my missus while i was out the bastards
  • Pieter a.
    I had a Ipod touch supposedly left in a safe place Yodel said , they falsified a signature and they said it had been put on a Garden shed in my garden, the only trouble was it wasn't there ,presumably stolen , then again they might have not even bothered to deliver. At least Tesco refunded me the money.
  • Justin A.
    Hermes handed over two leather jackets (£250 worth) from Debenhams to a skanky neighbour in my apartment block, then didn't leave a card to tell me or get her signature. 2 weeks later when I found out the package had been left with her at 7a, she flat denied having ever taken a package. Stolen by someone, probably her as she's also loud & inconsiderate, a benefits scrounger and a drug dealer.
  • chewbacca
    Oh good, a Yodel/HDNL/Myherpes article.
  • Captain C.
    (Name removed as they at least fired her) courier managed to leave my delivery of SIX SACKS OF GOODS at the wrong address; leaving it in someones garage and failing to leave a card, so the house owner (who never uses the garage), didnt know it was there. When I called to ask where my £2000 worth of gear was, I was told it had been delivered to me and they had my signature on the delivery note. It took a month to get a copy of my "signature" - which turned out to be BLOCK CAPITALS APPARENTLY DONE BY A FIVE YEAR OLD. Needless to say I wasnt happy and threatened to call the Police, but still got nowhere. In the end I placed another (small) order and waited for her, spotted her stopping and trying to make the delivery five doors up from my house, went out and went ballistic on her sorry, ginger arse!!!! At least I discovered where my £2000 of kit was!!!! And whats more, I made HER lug it down the road to my house!
  • subz
    I ordered a mattress with amazon it was a yodel delivery. i checked its status constantly it said it had been delivered. since i had just moved i was happy to have a mattress again, get home its not there. confused i ask my room mate. nothing. track the package again signed for by Nige. i ask all my neighbors 4 doors in each direction nothing. i get on to amazon who get back to me next day to say that Nige is the delivery driver and he didn't know what to do with it so he left it in his van and will be back... then my room mate ordered a laptop yet again yodel. delivered to porch. we don't have a porch we have a front step to the main road. turns out our porch is our next door neighbors. never have i had dealing with less competent people. and i work with telesales staff
  • Joey J.
    Yodel fingered my cat
  • Captain W.
    ^ No, that was me. Sorry. Though she loved it.
  • The H.
    Yodel delivered my parcel without f*cking up.
  • JOE M.
    yodell left a wooden cabinet in a cardboard box next to my bins luckily my next door neighbour took it in as the bin-men arrived. i tracked the parcel on-line and seemingly i signed for it that morning good trick since i was 500 miles away in Amsterdam at the time !! i believe Yodell is an anagram of "Knob-heads"
  • You
    Yodel delivered my new bonfire while i was out and left it in the rain, extinguishing it. Honestly, where do they get these idiot drivers from.
  • Mike O.
    "Yodel delivered my parcel without f*cking up." Ive seen some outrageous claims on here before, but come on, you seriously expect us to believe that?!
  • Fat S.
    Do yodel deliver pies?
  • Yue
    Our postman usually leaves them in the dustbin or the recycling bin. He's none too smart. Fortunately this has happened on bin day.
  • Phuck Y.
    You got your parcel? Well what the fuck are you complaining about? No one nicked it. You twat.
  • Mike K.
    Yodel tossbags left a parcel for me in my "front porch". Problem is I don't have a porch and there was no parcel anywhere to be found. So, I called Yodel to inform them and they said they would get back to me. I later checked the tracking that they had uploaded to Amazon and the cheeky bastards had scribbled out "front porch" and changed the note to "left in back garden as per customer instruction". Bullshit!!!
  • madge.funcher
    Yodil left my 50 inch tv "In my garden, out of sight" found it weighed down with rocks at the bottom of the pond. They also left my mac book air under my front passenger side wheel. and they once left a pricey Omega watch up my favourite foxes bum. Never ordered that, so win. These are all in fact lies.
  • Meg
    I ordered a mattress from amazon delivered by Yodel... It was 'out for delivery' for 8days. I wouldn't mind but we paid for next day delivery !
  • MM
    ^ Yes, but you got 7 extra days for free! Why complain about extra days?
  • Me
    Yodel left packages in my bin which was at the end of teh drive as it was collection day.
  • Anarchist
    I arranged for Yodel to deliver a parcel to Yodel. When it arrived it caused the world to implode........ That bit was obviously made up....course it never arrived

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