Want to make your cat look like a popstar?

People are getting increasingly weird about their dogs and cats, taking constant pictures of them, pretending they think human thoughts, dressing them up in human clothes, carrying them around in bags and generally not treating them with the affectionate contempt they deserve.

To further this, you can buy wigs for your animals that make them look like celebrities.


Cushzilla have an array of baffling wigs for your moggy or pooch, making them look like Sharon Osbourne or Donald Trump. It's is borderline terrifying... not that coochie-coo pet owners will care. They want their animals to walk around like living memes. The horrible weirdos.

If you want to look at some animals ruing the day they were born in a variety of outfits and wigs, direct your hate here.

[spotted by Bitterwallet's number one fan, M. Hill]


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