Want Pat Butcher baps on your wall?

Making your house your home is very important. Those magnolia walls need livening up with something that says you live there. Something that reflects your personality.

Your house needs these statement pieces so people know that, when they walk through your door, they nod approvingly and say 'Yeah, this guy is totally a Naked Pat Butcher type of guy.'

That's right. You can get some fine art from Amazon in the shape of a topless Pam St Clement print. And it'll only cost you £24.99. Not bad as our Pam is worth at least £24.99 per boob.


The vendors say that your canvas is "framed and ready to hang" and that the kit they send with it will ensure "perfect positioning" and more. Of course, we've censored the image.

If you want to see it without the pixels, resplendent and boobilicious, then click here. Please send us pictures of your dirty Pam St Clement prints hung up in your living room at our Facebook or Twitter.

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