Virgin Media announce 4k box

Virgin 4k box

Virgin Media have confirmed that they're launching a 4K set-top box, which is good news for anyone who likes going square-eyed while sat in front of their television set.

Later this year, you'll be able to get an upgraded TiVo box.

Now, the specifics are pretty scarce at the moment, so there's no word on whether or not this new 4k box will be UHD Premium certified, or if it'll be HDR compatible, or anything else.

Of course, this follows the news that Sky are releasing their Sky Q service, which is also a TV box which is able to give you 4k content.

Now, whether you trust either of these companies to give you an internet connection that is capable of dealing with 4k TV, that's another matter entirely.

It looks like 4k content is going to get the green light in time for the start of the next Premier League season (football coverage gets customers for providers, as you know), which is this August.

Virgin Media have said that they're going to improve the existing TiVo menus, so basically it looks more like Netflix.

"There will be a new set-top box coming later this year, and it will support Ultra High Definition video," a Virgin Media spokesperson told What HiFi, helpfully.

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  • Henry_Clarson

    more likely to get a 4k connection from Virgin than from Sky's crappy internet service.

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