Ukraine menu serves up terminal illness

11 June 2012

With Euro2012 kicking off (in both senses of the phrase) in Poland and the Ukraine, there's a feast of football and a feast of a very different kind. Spotted on a Ukrainian menu, it seems that the British love of offal is only matched by the Ukrainian need for disease.

ukraine menu

In what appears to be the Italian section of this Ukraine menu, you can clearly see that, should you wish, you can order some penne pasta with asparagus, cream and 'meat cancer'. Delicious!


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  • Bedtime B.
    Ho ho ho, cancer, that's not a food, chortle, and meat cancer too, snigger, those hilarious Ukrainian pranksters(!) I'd have thought even the least mentally able would realise cancer = crab (although probably not football supporters), but it is nice to know Bitterwallet are truly dedicated to testing yawn reflexes everywhere. Do you pick this stuff or are you always left with the remnants of the news carcass, Mof?
  • Rich
    Is this the same pub the Camerons left their child at?
  • Dick
    It is better than a menu I once got in Poland. They had about 20 items on the menu in Polish. Underneath was the English translation. Each one was a single word - either Pig, Cow, or Chicken. Nothing else.
  • Wonkey H.
    Not as tasty as a jam rag.

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