Uber to take on the takeaway service

Uber to take on the takeaway service

Uber are just happy to take on the nation's taxi drivers - now they're after the takeaway services too.

They've launched UberEATS, which will be trialled in London from today.

You log into the normal Uber app, but at the top of the screen, there'll be a knife and fork logo, which launches a separate food app. It is more akin to Deliveroo than, say, JustEat.

In London, 150 restaurants are already signed-up, and there's sure to be more added to that as the weeks go on.

That doesn't mean you'll be getting a cab, and your driver will have a sweaty pizza on the back seat next to you, because both journeys are in the same direction - UberEATS will have dedicated couriers on bikes and scooters.

You can track your order on the app, as well as rating the person who delivered your food (just like the taxi service).

At the moment, there's no delivery fee, and no minimum order which is very good, but alas, unlikely to be a feature forever.

Couriers are being offered a £100 referral fee if they sign-up (which means Deliveroo are likely to lose a number of staff soon), and restaurants that sign-up with the service get an iPad given to them for their orders, and live phone support from Uber.

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