Tony the Tiger blocks furries on Twitter

Some people lead sheltered lives, which of course, is perfectly fine. However, for those who have delved into the underbelly of sexual activity on the internet, you'll know all about furries.

Furries, in short, are adults who like dressing up like animals, both real and fictional. And yes, some people get 'a bit excited' when it comes to those dressed up like wolves or whatever.

And so, to Frosties mascot, Tony the Tiger, who has been getting in all kinds of bother with randy furries, who just love his butch felinery.


Furries are inundating Tony the Tiger's Twitter account with all manner of lusty business. Some are straight-up trolling, some it seems, are not trolling at all.

One furry enthusiast tweeted: "@realtonytiger give me cummies daddy", while another said: "Send dick pics @realtonytiger". Just lovely, eh?

Well, Tony the Tiger is not having it (he doesn't think this is grrreeaaat at all, etc etc) and has started blocking these people. He's not the only one annoyed - people who are furries are embarrassed at the way some people are acting in the name of their community.

One tweeted: "At this point, I'm embarrassed to be a furry. Seriously people, shape up or get out. Quit hurting the community as a whole. #tonytigergate"

So there you go. You've either just despaired at the world, or you've just learned a new thing. Now, if you don't mind, we've got to go and pick up our teddy bear outfit from the dry cleaners.

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