Tips on how to re-use your penis mould cake tin

Ever found yourself wondering how to get more for your money after buying a cake tin that is shaped like a penis? Well, help is at hand as one woman came up with some novel ways of making wang-shaped treats into something that, ahem, anyone can swallow.





  • hotmail r.
    I'm guessing Lucy didn't write this article because she was too busy washing cake out of her vag?
  • Dosser
    Jesus this story is SO old.
  • Jack M.
    Lucy's dead you guys.... BW prints her name against an article to keep the numbers up.
  • Old G.
    Am I the only one furiously masturbating at the thought of Lucy furiously masturbating with cake dildos?
  • Han S.
    @Old Git - Take it you haven't seen her then?
  • Clive
    I'm glad my knob isn't shaped like that Christmas Tree cake.
  • Old G.
    @Han Solo Oh yes, checked her out online. When you get to my age, a box of tissues and the latest episode of Murder, She Wrote works wonders but I'm always after something extra.

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