Ticketindex.net accused of ripping off Take That fans

TAKE THAT - Everything changes - Inside The police are pulling on their size nines and taking a look at the activities of a website that calls itself ticketindex.net, following complaints from scores of Take That fans that they failed to receive tickets to see their idols strutting their fancy stuff after purchasing said tickets from the ticketindex.net website, leading to allegations of shenanigans. Phew, that was a long sentence wasn’t it? To be honest, by the time we were halfway into it we didn’t want it to ever end.

But the owners of ticketindex.net could be looking at a long sentence of a different kind if it turns out they’ve been fleecing folk of their hard-earned and failing to come up with the goods. There’s certainly been a long-running thread on HotUKDeals about the company, so their mysterious doings are hardly new news.

Some fans have forked out as much as £100 per ticket to see the ageing man-band but have received nothing in return. The City of London police say they could launch an investigation once they’ve assessed the evidence. Have YOU been fleeced by ticketindex.net? If not, who is your favourite member of Take That. Please show your workings.


  • Boris
    I like the "Ronan" one. He's so good he could go off and do stuff on his own.
  • Brad
    Will Stephen be at them one's?
  • sprout
    Gullible Fools Fall For Internet Scam and in other news...
  • Dick
    My favourite Take That member ... with working ... Robbie Williams as he is (at least, was) good enough to go solo and make shit loads of cash to spend on drugs. Gary Barlow as he is showing his chest in the photo above. Mark Owen as he managed to bed loads of women and even cheated on his wife despite being a gay dwarf. I don't know who the other two are, so they must be excluded. Decisions, decisions. I guess it must be Gary Barlow. As if he wasn't a judge on X-factor, then Cheryl Cole might get the job.
  • Dan
    reply to sprout - i like many others have been scammed by a website that looks official. It is still live and taking peoples money. There must be a way to close this down. When i booked tickets in December i looked for any bad feedback for this site. There were no indications of any problems so i do not appreciate your comments and i would think thousands of other people who have been scammed would either. Save your comments for David Spanton who runs the company.
  • karen w.
    I totally agree with Dan, I like hundreds of others have been scammed also. Not the best feeling to be left with, I can tell you! I bought mine in December as well. " Gullible fools" ? Well thanks for that comment - makes things a whole lot better ! I have a severely handicapped daughter, I arranged care for her which is not easy ! and thought it would be a nice well earned break for myself and myother daughter to go to cardiff , our lovely treat has turned into a nightmare. It doesnt make you want to book any other concerts to be honest.
  • tracey s.
    i brought 2 tickets to take that from ticket index as a birthday presant for my partner costing £215..i booked a hotel and the train as a lovely surprise for him...but who got the surprise me......no concert no tickets and a very red face..to tell my partner he wasnt goin to see hes all time fav band take that..2 very upset people hear....thanks alot ticket index.....
  • mhairi c.
    I have just found out it is a scam today...not happy! Spent £220 on V Festival tickets to find out ticketindex.net doesn't exist anymore.
  • A G.
    To Sprout: Gullible Fools. What an arse. Even the Police/Action Fraud, other websites have said it looked like a genuine website, padlock key, seemingly honest enough people when we spoke to them to confirm, even ringing me back to say the courier would be delivering. This 'Gullible Fool' along with thousands of others, believed them. Unfortunately, we were all very badly let down, some people being in a lot more misfortunate situations than others, IE, terminally ill people, kids who were looking forward to going, people 'lost their jobs etc, so, Mr or Mrs Sprout, before u start 'sprouting' off, THINK and engage ur brain before u do. From A GULLIBLE FOOL!!! Loser.
  • Nichola
    Also gutted, £905! on 4 x V festival tickets for my son and his mates, they all work hard for their case and am gutted that they to look like they have lost their money. Back in March when i bought them the site, like you say, looked very professional but now looks like we have lost our money and will only get it back if my credit card company can get the money back from their bank. And we can't start the claiming process until the concert date has passed (August) so it looks like the lads wont be going!! I hope they throw away the key!
  • A G.
    sorry to hear you have been duped aswell. For up to date info on how to reclaim your money back, log onto Which.co.uk, reclaiming bank charges through credit/debit cards, sect 75 if applicable, also, ring Actionfraud or go online and report this to them. They will give you a crime reference number, which you can give to your banks fraud department to back up your case. The more people that report this crime, the better chance we all have of getting these scoundrels brought to justice. They have already been arrested by two seperate Police Departments in London, so the authorities are on with it now, time to stand up to these rotters!! For any extra info or advice you need, log onto Safeconcerts website, they are absolutely brilliant with any questions you may need answering. Good luck!!
  • Karen
    This can happen to anyone, I know its just happened to me, tickets for Neil Diamond, we go to loads of concerts have always booked on line, and this is definately a first for me, absolutely sick, like everyone before me I checked everything out beforehand seemed genuine. we're £300 down.
  • margaret
    I was also scammed.....4 tickets for take that at hampden, glasgow, just found out the other day when website was took down, had been trying to contact them for weeks to no avail. Was xmas pressies for my daughters and me, bought way bak in october last year. lost 360 pounds.
  • Joe
    I was also scammed by ticketindex.net for 300.00 and my mother in-law too. We found them listed on www.scamfound.org as a scam website but it was already too late. We wish that We would have found this complaint but what is Done IS Done. Thanks to ScamFound for shutting down there website. And for alarming us for keeping guys like this in the heat of the spotlight. I also found way more information on these scammers go to this URL http://www.scamfound.org/f4/ticketindex-net-verified-fraudulent-scam-58163.html
  • P
    Hi, I was also scammed by ticketindex.net. BUT there is a way to get your money back. I paid for it over 6 monthss ago in october WITH a debit card. i went to my bank, Santander, and was a bit persistent. The key i think to this is that you have to mention the “chargeback scheme” which covers your debit card, read up on it first though. I don’t think many of the junior members are aware of this as I talked to one of them who just put me on the phone to customer services after I had already spoken to them and they said it can only be disputed if the transaction went through in the last 6 months. once i had spoken to someone with a bit of authority who made a couple of phone calls, i was given a reference number if i wanted to chase it up. i received a letter through the post today saying that i have been refunded…all in the space of about 4 working days. but yes, also report it to actionfraud like i did as they will send out some paperwork where u would need to put details like a crime ref number down. Hope this helps a lot of you guys out there :)
  • Lawrence
    I have just found out today that the tickets i bought from ticketindex.net for 450 pounds is fakes. How the hell do they sleep at night, fleecing people outa there money. Now just had to go on some other website to buy some more for over 500 pounds via paypal, so hopefully more genuine....
  • Phil G.
    To sprout - your a knob head!!!

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