The WHAT teapot?

Naming a new business venture is tricky because, most of the time, you're stuck with it. It's like naming a band. You have to hope that everyone just gets used to a thing called Smashing Pumpkins or whatever.

And so to Uxbridge, where someone has opened up a cafe. No, not a cereal cafe or another idea that signals that adults are about a month away from turning into dribbling infantile dimwits, but rather, a normal cafe where you can get a brew or a butty.

However, there's a small problem with the logo.

wonky teapot


Bitterwallet stared at this for a while, wondering what the cafe was called. We couldn't work out anything that didn't say 'Wanky Teapot'.

Spotted by Twitter user Tony White with the comment: ‘The *what* Teapot Co? New cafe might need to work on its logo’, we stared and stared at it until someone else pointed out to us that it was in fact called the WONKY Teapot.

Either way, if you're in Uxbridge a want a hot beverage, you'd be advised to proceed with caution if the staff ask you if you want cream.


  • Patrick
    I wouldn't be surprised if they did it deliberately to get free publicity on the internet - much cheaper than paying to advertise!
  • jim
    lol i walk past that every day - its not even open yet lol they are doing it up at the moment. cream tea anyone?
  • Bob
    I wonder if this story will have a happy ending?
  • qwertyuiop
    You think this is bad? There's one of those hand car was businesses in Manchester, stating on a banner that it's the best hand job in the area!

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