The RSPCA probably should've given their slogan some more thought...




  • Angry S.
    Photoshop's great, innit.
  • Wongaporkpies
    so LOL
  • Fedupov I.
    So you don't get the joke cos you don't know there's a place called Bury so you just assume it's photoshop and make your little snide remark and make yourself look dumb. gg
  • Captain.Cretin
    I wonder how many sacks of dead cats they found on the doorstep this morning.
  • Haggis
    I give my local RSPCA a sack of dead cats every morning. + the foxes I'm finished with.
  • Nikey H.
    Where's my racist comment ? Very sad that racist comments are no longer allowed. Bitterwallet's not funny anymore! No wonder Mike Hock, Mike's mom and Chewbacca have left. What's the point of having a site if no one will visit ?
  • Dr w.
    From left to,no,yes,maybe,no
  • bum c.
    bin bag
  • Han S.
    @Dr Quim Surely all five are a yes but from behind?
  • Justin A.
    They're all a 'no'. They work in a charity shop, not the make-up, fashion and jewellery sections of Selfridges.
  • Stan L.
    @ Han Solo No, I wouldn't shag the rabbit.
  • samuri
    scummy twats, let 2 dogs die near us.
  • shiftynifty
    Not....doable.....especially being thick as ...mince
  • chewbacca
    I'd bury one inside the animals. The utter fucking morons.
  • whatever
    @Justin Manchester AfterDark As if they'd consider you in the first place. You post on BW.
  • Justin A.
    @whatever This isn't a good yardstick for how good looking or charismatic I might be. Don't judge me by your own low standards, dogbreath.
  • whatever
    @Justin Manchester AfterDark Hold on, let me find a handbag to pull to my chest with a dramatic 'ooh'.
  • SaddleBags
    Is the one on the left one of the mingers off of Loose Women?
  • Chewbacca
    They took care of my mum so I can't see to her any more. Utter morons.
  • Angry S.
    @ Fedupov Ignoramii Really? That fact that you can even contemplate that I might not know there's place called Bury says it all really. Thanks for giving me a laugh though. ;-))

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