The last dance - RIP Technics turntables

Bitterwallet - technics turntableThe phrase end of an era gets bandied about far too often, usually to describe the exit of a talentless no-mark from a reality show, but alas no other cliché is applicable. It's our sad duty to report that Panasonic are to stop making Technics turntables. In a statement the company announced that production would end in February next year.

A spokesperson for Panasonic said:

“It is a sad day today but due to low sales globally in analogue turntables a decision to stop production has been made on Technics Turntables.”

Digital turntables and the ease of storing music on laptops means that demand for the turntables has dried up. The memories of illegal raves, house parties and filthy beach sex while Pete Tong had it large on the ones and twos at Cafe Mambo will soon be all you have.

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  • BoBo
    Theyve done really well in the DJ industry. Hell 12 months after this they wont be CD decks anymore!!! Everything will be mp3 based.
  • Dave D.
    DJ industry? What is industrial about playing records?
  • jah
    Shocked. Genuinely shocked. Can't believe they don't make enough of the 1210 to keep production going - rarely has anything ever fitted the term 'industry standard' as much as the 12x0. CD and MP3 decks are all well and good but nothing will ever match the tactility and simple engineering brilliance of mixing vinyl on a 1210. My pair are dated around 1990 and still working an absolute treat after nearly 2 decades of abuse!
  • otherground
    Yeah really. I looked up the panasonic au site for the "news release" on teh discontinuation of the 1200/1210 series. Doesn't exist. Someones spreading rumors to bump sales for the christmas season.
  • Smiff
    jah, you may have answered your own Q. they still work, and probably nearly everyone who will ever want one already has one. shame but.. 2nd hand ones will be around for ages.
  • Benzini
    Don't believe this for a second. Vinyl is on the increase. Again. And as for mp3's being the new format, well software like Final Scratch or Serato needed to run them have to use turntables anyway. My 1200's are doing fine and dandy 20 years on.
  • Aaron
    I have been told by countless dj's who love vinyl and turntables to buy cdj's cause they are the future and as much as I wanna listen and follow there advice, there is this big part of me that refuses to sellout and do the cheaper easier version and wants to buy tables and spin vinyl cause that to me shows how much you truly love the scene and as many of dj's have said and I agree 100% only real dj's spin vinyl. Don't ask me why but no matter how much I try and listen to others I still refuse to listen and seriously want to get myself a pair of turntables and a mixer and spin amazing vinyl for all of those true Party Kydds who respect the vinyl and what it has to offer. That being said if you are a Dj based in the U.s.a. and are looking to upgrade to newer tables and a mixer and need to sell off your older tables and mixer, that aren't belt drive drop me a line at [email protected] because I am looking for my first set of tables and a mixer and really want to pursue my dream of becoming a dj to pass on my love of the music to others.
  • Rod
    Aaron you make me smile with your ignorance. "I agree 100% only real dj’s spin vinyl." Well this "real dj" used vinyl for 17 years, them moved to CDJs 5 years ago. I make a good living and still play the same music. The crowd only care for the sound that comes out of the speakers.
  • Your D.
    We moved from our 1210 MKII's five years ago. It was a tough call - but we did it. I pity the DJs that still think vinyl makes you a 'proper' DJ. Absolute balderdash. Vinyl is good fun, don't get me wrong, but it's nostalgic and the amount of things you can do with CDJs pretty much emulates and betters vinyl. Scratching. dropping and mixing is far more versatlie. Having said that - I think this story is a bit of a non-sequieter - no more technics decks - REALLY? With the surge in dubstep, reggae and drum & bass recently, I think there is more than enough vinyl deck customers out there.
  • MrMan
    So Are we to soon see the DMC World Championships soon on laptops bashing those buttons on TracKtor. I don't think so. Vinyl maybe not mainstream in any sense of the word but the market is still there and still huge. I call fake on this.
  • technics d.
    fake info, do not believe. there is no official information about this on their webpage! LONG LIVE TEHNICS!!!
    I just spoke to a customer service representative at Panasonic and as far as she knows, they are not stopping production. No news updates from the higher-ups. I am going to call the public relations offices tomorrow in both the US (AND TOKYO) to confirm this. My logical assumption on this is this: This was a rumor created by an online retailer on, of all days, BLACK FRIDAY to help boost sales over the next 30 days. Even though the majority of DJ's have switched to MP3's, Laptops, Serato, and are no longer using Vinyl.. the ex-vinyl DJ's are STILL using turntables to spin binary coded digital records that link to the Serato... the Serato is RANE's #1 selling seems illogical. The Serato, in-directly requires a second companies best selling product, the Technics 1200. Granted, I understand that there are other turntables on the market. But from a sales point of view, the Technics SL1200 is the DJ equivalent to the Fender Stratocaster, or the Gibson Les Paul.. Doesn't sound right... That being said.. I'll feel better when I officially confirm it with Panasonic. ;)
  • Harry B.
    What a bizarre lot of commentators this post has... I am quite confussed.
  • william
    hey if this is true then fairwell to technics but anyway due to my partner having our first child i dont have thetime or room to play my technics now so i am offering them for a resonable price to someone who will make good use of them WHAT I HAVE GOT FOR SALE 1X SET OF TECHNICS 1210 MK5 WITH ORTOFON CONCORDE ATTACHMENTS AND NEEDLES WORKING FINE 1X STANTON M304 4 CHANNEL MIXER all in faboulas condition i am open to offers t present so email me at [email protected] with offers for you who are interested also any questions etc email me i have pics available of these so email me again and il send them
  • Aaden C.
    Hi, just read this post, I have been doing research, and this blog has helped. I will definately be coming back. Can't wait to read more ...
  • DJ B.
    I'm shocked over this decission to stop making turntables. Even tho I do play everthing on discs (cd's and dvd's), it is still nice to have that vinyl under your fingers and mix the "old fashioned" way every once in a while! I still have three of the original 1200 turntables, and will NEVER get rid of them. I can't even guess at how many hundreds of thousands of hours of use they have seen. Which just proves that Technics makes quality products that last a lifetime!
  • highrezolution
    coming from a retail store (Circuit City), there isnt any profit for a retailer to even sell them. I do disagree about the stoppage in production though because there will never be a substitute for the Technics SL1200-SL1210, EVER! Sure, CDJs, Laptops, and MIDI Controllers really give the DJ more flexibility in their sets (I use Numark Total Control)...but for the purist who can dig deep and give the crowd an "education lesson"...vinyl all the way. Also, with Serato, Traktor, and Virtual allows the turntable owner to DJ digitally without letting go of their "extinct" gear! I have just let go of my Technics SL1210s reluctantly (unemployed) and will never ever lose the memory of them. least I have (1) SL1200MKII in black left!!! Score!
  • Phylicia P.
    Hi! I've been reading your website for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the great job!

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