The best wine in the world is £4.37

The best wine in the world is £4.37

Like drinking nice wine, but don't like spending too much money? Of course, 99% of wines are nice, once you've drunk half of it.

However, you can get the best wine in the world for under a fiver, which means you won't have to wince on your first sip, like someone slipped a lemon into your gums.

Where can you get this wine and what is it? You need to try out Asda's La Moneda Reserva Malbec from Chile, which is currently selling for a paltry £4.37.

The red has won Platinum Best in Show at the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA), where a panel of experts got stuck in to a load of wine, and awarded the bargain Malbec the top award in the under £15 red wine category.

After blind-tests, the judges said the Asda wine was the best for value and quality.

If you're a bit of a wine aficionado, this wine tastes of "freshly crushed black fruit, creamy vanilla yoghurt and pepper spice", and has "succulent juicy berries on the palate" as well.

With this news, everyone's going to be going crazy in the aisles for it, so act fast if you want a bottle or two.

DWWA chairman Steven Spurrier said: “Our sole purpose is to recognise and reward quality, this is what consumers all over the world are interested in. We only award medals to wines in which consumers can have the utmost confidence."

You can buy a bottle of La Moneda Reserva Malbec from Asda, here.

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