Tesco's diabetes Easter Eggs!

Easter is a time for gorging on all manner of tooth-rotting items, as we all know. That's because, in The Bible, Jesus famously hatched out of a giant egg after some Romans had nailed him to a cross. On emerging from the giant egg, Jesus was dressed as a Playboy bunny, hence why we celebrate the resurrection with rabbits and eggs.

Of course, all the supermarkets like to get into the Easter spirit by displaying eggs and the like, but one branch of Tesco went off-piste with their display.

As the picture below shows, some bright spark decided to warn you of the onset of Type 2 diabetes, which could definitely be brought about by eating too much chocolate.

tesco diabetes

Dr Aseem Malhotra spotted this and shared it on Twitter with the caption: "Is this some sort of sick joke?"

We think this could be the work of someone fabulously clueless or indeed, the handiwork of a bored member of staff or someone who has just handed their notice in and resolutely doesn't care if they get in trouble or not.

Bravo, either way.

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