Strip club now offering 'guilt-free' lapdances

bikini Going to a strip club is problematic for men. It ticks so many bad boxes - objectification of women, lust, exploitation, guilt, coveting oxen - it is a wonder anyone has a good time at all. However, one strip club is giving you the chance to ignore all that and actually feel good about yourself. In fact, so good that you may get instant promotion to 'pillar of society'.

Burke and Hare in Edinburgh is offering ‘guilt-free’ lapdances to customers by giving half of the proceeds to charity. You could argue that people who don't take this offer up are monsters who should be chased out of the community.

"I don’t know if it's an Edinburgh first but we thought it was a great way to raise money for charity," said the club’s spokeswoman, who added that it "certainly isn't going to be your average 
Sunday afternoon tea and cake sale."

"All the girls are getting a bit nervous now as it’s nearly here but we’re hoping it will go really well."

Of course, not everyone is thrilled about this. Street harassment prevention activist Jacq Kelly said: "This begs the question about why men would feel guilty about receiving a lap dance in the first place? Giving a few quid to charity may salve their conscience in the short term but if they feel guilty about visiting lap dancing clubs in the first place they should probably examine the choices they make."

However, no-one was listening because a nice lady behind her did the splits upside down to 'Bandz A Make Her Dance' while some men and women made it rain for a good cause.


  • jim
    I don't get why men would feel guilty about being at a strip club anyway. They are basically being taken advantage of for very high sums of cash.
  • Alexis
    I think 'Jacq' has just unwittingly contributed to a blatant bit of advertising. Lapdance club sends email to Metro. Metro thinks of 'guilt free' angle. Metro gets a soundbite from nearest feminist.
  • Richard M.
    Is it just me or is the lap dancer in the picture wearing a mask or just extremely ugly?
  • nigelgos
    It's just you Richard... shes gorgeous.
  • Tim
    Nigel - look again, above the neckline this time.

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