Spotify launches new ways to listen and pay

Spotify is bloody great. It's the online and mobile app that gives you access to music for free. If you'd prefer not to have poorly produced commercials rammed in your head holes, then you can subscribe to the premium service for £9.99 a month.

Spotify grew quickly in its home country of Sweden, but after several months of establishing its userbase in the UK by allowing free sign-up, they reinforced its invite-only policy. Today, two more ways to use their service have been announced, one of which doesn't require any invites. The first, Spotify Open, can be signed up for immediately - the downside is that it's ad-supported and usage is capped to 20 hours per month.

The second new option is Spotify Unlimited for £4.99 a month, which allows unlimited, ad-free access, but none of the Premium features (which still costs £9.99) - offline features include better sound quality, offline access and mobile apps.

Bitterwallet - Spotify price bands

Despite initial reservations about a deal with Apple concerning their iPhone app and the lack of a US launch, Spotify are quickly establishing themselves as a must-have service, a service enhanced by community sites - Share My Playlists is the most prolific, with over 18,000 user playlists (as well as playlists from artists and radio stations) that can be searched and played in one click. Free music, free playlists - ideal for the frugal music fan.

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  • and???
    .........and the point of this article is?
  • darkspark88
    Surely if you want the free membership pay for a month, then quit. Your account will revert to a free one most likely.
  • jamie
    we7 is much better than spotify the ads only last 4 seconds and they're usealy pretty interesting, you don't need an account to listen and if you use the service enough then after a couple of weeks use you get a no ad day , and if you want no ads then just pay 4.99 or 9.99 if you want to stream on a mobile, it's great oh and the quality of the songs are great :D
  • bumblemouse
    WE7 is rubbish! Ads after every song!
  • tinytom
    grooveshark FTW
  • Tim, D.
    Its like the Super Troopers "miaow" game on Bitterwallet. Except instead of "miaow" they say Spotify And instead of funny shenanigans, they bum foxes
  • parpparp
    How much are they paying you for this puff piece?
  • Nobby
    Personally I prefer Waitrose's own brand Stilton.
  • Dom
    What's your beef with Spotify!! Great service, future of music if you ask me!
  • Dom
    When do I get my commission? ;)
  • Paris
    Share My Playlists was good at the time, but now Spotify has just brought out it's social service that fully integrates with your facebook friends, theres reducing need for it in the market
  • Wonky H.
    I finger badgers
  • Derek
    napster - been streaming for ages - £5 a month for unlimited streaming (from over 10,000,000 tracks) and 5 MP3 credits (personally I use the quarterly option as 15 credits is more useful when buying entire albums)

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