SpaghettiOs cheerily celebrate Pearl Harbour!

Over on Twitter, Spaghetti Os - spaghetti hoops for Americans - are cheerily remembering the attack on Pearl Harbour where loads of people died with a smiling little fella doing a Miley Cyrus tongue.




  • Frank
    It's a lot like Veterans Day, don't be confused by the people on Twitter who want to make fun of this and be self righteous at the same time. Here in America every year they have a little thing on the news about remembering it's Pearl Harbor Day, pretty standard stuff, if a bit odd and obscure for a SpaghettiO to mention.
  • Sue W.
    I think people need to lighten up! And get your mind out of the Miley Cyrus gutter, the tongue represents tasting Spaghettios. Period. Anyone or any character that wants to portray itself as a flag waving patriot is all right by me.
  • fuqstix
    Sue, are you on anti-psychotic medication? If not, why not? Full stop.
  • Major D.
    A self-licking ring!
  • samuri
    Rimming with yankee goodness
  • Han S.
    Uh oh, Spaghetti-os!
  • Han S.
    A day that will live in tomato sauce
  • Dick
    If it is an O shape, why can't you see the background through the hole?
  • Dock
    @Dick - you can, there's a cricket sight screen just behind the O.

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